Disco Nap (IPA, Tiny Rebel, Flavourly Collab)

Another one from the genius brewers of Tiny Rebel and Flavourly. This collaboration has yielded some very positive brews over the last year or so, and with any luck we won’t see the end of this partnership.

Cracking this 330ml boi we get a positive and bright waft of hoppy goodness. The aroma is fruity, light and full of Simcoe promise

The taste is distinctly IPA. Not at all in a negative way, but if you wanted to introduce someone to the style this would be a solid route. There’s an initial chalk taste much like Farmageddon’s overpowering Hemp IPA but (obviously) only in the IPA part. The taste is distinct, citrusy and has a slight bitterness with a hint of tropical.

5.5% makes it a contender for a slow sipper. Solid 3.3 Disco Stu’s out of 5.

(Disco)Stu (napping)


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