Bohemian Pilsner Lager (Eight Degrees Brewing)

This next tipple comes from Eight Degrees brewing down in Cork. We were at an event recently where we tried out a few of their brews and they’re a fantastic brewery, definitely check out their Hurricane IPA & Seisiun Easy Going IPA as we really enjoyed those.

However, I wasn’t too sure about this Bohemian lager as I opened the bottle for a taste but right off the bat, didn’t appreciate the spice taste. It almost tasted like it was off or something and I couldn’t really enjoy it.

That being said though, I try to hone in on why I’m not appreciating this beer as I normally enjoy tasting bold beers by breweries and I realised that I probably don’t have the palette for this which totally makes sense. It makes sense because I realised that this is the first spiced beer that I’ve ever had so of course it’s going to be challenging for me to get in to straight away.

Then I had a think back to the first craft beer I ever tried and I thought ‘this is too frothy, why is it like dish water?’ It’s because I didn’t have the palette to appreciate the art within the bottle at that stage but as you keep testing, pushing your boundaries and expanding, you’ll learn to appreciate these types of things more.

So to sum up, this beer isn’t for me right now, maybe it’s just a bit too out there but I’ll definitely be back as this has opened me up to a new possibility and a new line of brews to try.
3.1 spicy bois out of 5



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