Pedigree (Amber Ale, Marston’s Brewery)

Cracking this one open the whiff is smokey. Like stale whisky on a private detectives trenchcoat. Potent and full of internal monlogue.

The taste is aggressive – creamy but somehow harsh. It’s almost like someone rang out the trenchcoat into a bottle and lightly carbonated it. This tastes like a crime novel. English Amber Ales have a tendency to follow this recipe or at least something very similar to it – this one is a variation on that.

Pedigree is bottle conditioned which means the bottle contains live yeast “which smoothes and enhances the depth of flavour of the beer over time”. I’m not getting that myself and there was no sediment so maybe mine hadnt finished conditioning?

Apparently that’s not Archer on the label (it definitely is) but George Peard who was the Head Brewer at Marston’s and not a secret agent………………………………………..DANGER ZONE!

It’s got that Amber Ale taste but somehow deviates enough to be distinct, which usually means someone out there will love it. To me it tastes like trying to drink a lager, hungover, on a Sunday morning when you’re at a mates house and everyone around you is shouting HAIR OF THE DOG in your face

1 Burt Reynolds out of 5


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