DE14 End Point IPA (Marstons Brewing)

I popped into Bootleggers in Belfast for some grub and spied this tasty can on the menu, alongside a hefty list of mouth watering food options. It’s none other than the End Point IPA from DE14 brewery. It’s a wee 330ml boi which means it comes in a class looking can and rests at a healthy 5.6% ABV.

The art on the can itself is pretty cool to look at, it reminds me of the retro-futuristic style from the Fallout games. Maybe that’s the deal here, that they’re touting themselves to have taken traditional methods of brewing and brought them forward into the future & beyond?

After the can is lashed open, I pour it into the glass to reveal a light golden colour and head in for a sip. It’s delicious and straight away, you’re greeted by all the hoppy goodness that a can could offer. The flavour doesn’t hang around though, it sort of has a short wave, exchanges a few pleasantries and heads out the door again, which is odd for this style of brew. Normally, you’d have a lingering taste that outstays its welcome until you go for the next drink.

The food arrives and I had ordered a hot dog, or what I thought was a hot dog. What arrived was a dragon in a bap, it was that massive. It was topped with cheese, crispy onions, bacon bits and I put some sriracha sauce on it as well. I was in heaven at this stage if I’m honest! Pop down to Bootleggers to find out for yourself by the way, great food, staff and drinks choices.

Back to the can, it paired well with the food and it sort of brought more life into the drink. Maybe this is the type of brew that needs to be paired with food to be fully appreciated? It definitely seemed to change the flavour profile of the beer a wee bit. I did enjoy it though, it’s not to say it was a bad beer in the slightest. I’d definitely have another one of these again when I’m having a bite to eat.

3.7 Lone Wanderers out of 5


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