American Pale Ale (Boyne Brewhouse)

I picked a few of these 330ml bois up on my travels around the sunny paradise that is Bangor. A town famed for its seaside despite the local councils choice to pave paradise and put up a parking lot, so to speak.

Drogheda’s Boann Brewery and sister Distillery is a mere 1 hour 45 min drive from this car park by the sea – a journey i hope to one day make. Until then i’ll have to settle for the servings of the local Winemark.

Boyne Brewhouse American Pale Ale packs a bold, vibrant flavour. There’s a heavy malt richness to it, the type that typifies APA’s but this one has a new crispness to it that i can only attribute to it being an Irish craft beer version of the style.

The taste isn’t quite sessionable due to this richness but one it could be easy to return to over the course of a night, however it’s clocking in at 4.5% which certainly fits the bracket.

The can-lore and design conjures up vivid imagery of Fin MacCool flinging the Giants Causeway about the place. He could do a lot worse than flinging a few of these down his neck.

3.5 interlocking basalt columns out of 5


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