Summer Brews – Your 2019 Guide To The 5 Best Sunny Craft Beers

The birds are singing! The sun is shining! (Or if you live in Ireland – it’s not raining as much as it usually does) : Summer is here!
What better way to celebrate than with good friends and good beers? How about the CATW official guide to Summer Brews 2019?

We have selected the finest light and sessionable beers to enjoy while that ball of fire in the sky does it’s thing….

Pango (Tiny Rebel) – This one has to be top of the list. Sweet and refreshing. Pango is an absolute creamy dream of nectar-like goodness. I wouldn’t classify it as a “hammock beer” specifically because it’s so easy to drink – you would have to keep getting up to get a new one.

Elvis Juice (Brewdog) – We reviewed this one a while back ( and it’s one that both of us have returned to time and time again. A very refreshing brew and not overpowering in flavour or sweetness.

Dirty Pilsner (Vocation) – Another one from the blog ( – this one clocks in at a staggering 6.5% which makes it a little less sessionable but the taste is so light and clean, and such a contrast to the volume that we included it nonetheless. A lazy afternoon beer.

Lazy Boy (Tiny Rebel / Flavourly collab) – We covered this cheeky wee fella on the first podcast – The flavour of this one is vibrant but there’s a great quality about it. Goes well with BBQ and not doing very much.

Juicebox Citrus IPA (Fourpure) – Recently reviewed on our podcast episode 6 this one is deliciously moreish and very satisfying. The citrus isnt overpowering and is rooted in a tangerine dream of flavour.

Did we get it right? Any that we missed? Leave a comment below.

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