Tart (Bakewell Sour by Thornbridge Brewing)

My run-ins with Thornbridge Brewing have led me to the realization that they are solely responsible for the impending proliferation of sours into my quiet palate. They’re like an army of marauding vikings sweeping over the hill and down the valley toward the sleepy village of Straight Forward Brews (Population 1).

Cracking it open there’s a citrusy smell but doesn’t give too much away. Upon smelling there’s an initial tartness that hits you before you’ve even let it touch your lips

The taste is acidic like fizzy sour Haribo (but we’re adults so pick your own more accurate and mature definition).

It’s bitter, dry and what i can only describe as “Lemony Snikket AF!”. Tart is accurate. As i’ve pointed out in the podcast (Episode 4) regarding their Florida Weiss sour – I’m not a fan. I’m attributing this to my palate not being mature enough to cope with the taste.

Tart but not reeking of marzipan which is what i expected from the name. (The Bakewell aspect refers to the location of the brewery and not the flavour.)

Have to be 1 out of 5 Galaxy hops from me i’m afraid. Maybe one day. If you like sours you’ll probably love it.

Sour Stu


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