Stick A Finger In The Soil (Pale Ale, Mikkeller Brewing)

This one doesnt give too much away upon smelling. A definite sweetness and slightly hoppy aroma.

The taste is light but completely full. It’s musty yet with a fresh sweetness about it. Mikkeller boasts grapefruit and peaches along with caramel but i’d have to say i’m not getting any of that. Their description of it reads like a multiple stabbing in a dark room. But like the old adage says : If you throw enough descriptive words at a brew one of them is sure to stick – there is an almost herb flavour going on underneath it all but nothing to wake Bob Marley about. A full dry hop taste.

Whats weird to me is that any hipster beersnob i’ve ever met screams Mikkeller from the rooftops while spitting on the likes of Brewdog. Admittedly this is my first voyage into their fermented waters (something i will remedy asap) but this taste is more of a mainstream mass produced pale ale than any Brewdog i’ve ever had. I’m open to suggestion but i think this says more about preconceived notions on both sides of the great beer divide than anything else.

I would say that if you had a friend who was skeptical about trying “craft beer” – give them one of these. The transition from lager isnt exactly massive with this one.

3 disturbing pieces of can-art out of 5.


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