Citra (Single Hop IPA by Eight Degrees Brewing )

I’m always skeptical when a can says “Passion fruit”. I have yet to be blown away by the love fruit itself in any tasting we’ve ever done. This one however delivered. It’s not exactly overbearing but its there in the form of a subtle sweetness.

It’s a heavy one this. Most noticeably as it clings to the inside of the glass. The flavour itself is hefty but a taste that i could easily enjoy throughout an evening. A good slow BBQ afternoon sipper and could very well make it onto our list of potential “Summer Brews” (coming soon).

The tin art (with its classy matte sticker) looks great, however as we recently discussed, looks very similar to the other brews in their range.

However this is a great brew from a brewery that obviously cares about its audience. This is a company to watch !

4 shrimps on a barbie of 5


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