Pango (Peach And Mango IPA, Tiny Rebel / Flavourly Collab)

Half the fun of discovering brews you’ve never tried before is the process. It’s a search for something that really speaks to you on a new level. With Pango i feel like i’ve found perfection.

It’s not something i’ll say lightly either. It’s my job to be overly critical of the cans we find. Goodness knows objectivity is a virtue. But this can pushes my buttons in a good way. What’s the boast?

“This is juicy. This is fruity. This is hoppy and fresh. This is the super-crushable, fruit-forward craft beer of your dreams. This is our Mosaic-hopped, peach-and-mango-infused juicy banger of an IPA. This is Pango.”

It certainly lives up to that. Packed full of fruit flavour this 5% 330ml boi delivers by the punnet. It’s a pale ale in the India style and smoothly quenches the deepest of thirsts via peach and mango juices.

The smell is intoxicatingly mango. Fresh mango too. From the Philippines. The taste is not as rich and gives way to more of a peach beer flavour. It sure doesnt taste 5% either. This one could easily be a silent assassin at an afternoon BBQ and feels like it could induce sleepy time quite nicely. The after taste hints at hoppy citrus. Refreshing AF!

I’ll spare you the gory details – but this brew took a LOT of time and effort to track down which only added to its allure. I’m emotional about this one. This is the truest definition of a “summer beer” i can think of. If anything i’m going to remove a portion of the score because it’s too good. I am in love with Tiny Rebel.

4.8 Pangos out of 5 Pangos. Pairs well with Pango. Pango. Pango. Pango. Sod it i’m giving it full marks on Untappd….

You can read why we included this one in our Summer Brews Top 5!


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