Woo Loo Moo Loo (Milk Stout By Tiny Rebel/Flavourly)

As the can has very accurately pointed out – “Woo Loo Moo Loo” is really fun to say. So it makes it difficult to speak about this one with any coherency. Luckily this is a blog post and not the podcast!

Admittedly i haven’t tried very many Milk Stouts. Google reliably informs me that by definition they are generally dark, thick ales with low carbonation. So that’s the Stout part out of the way. The Milk part comes from the ingredients – Milk Stouts are made with lactose.

The only time i think of the word “Lactose” is when someone i don’t know informs me they are “Lactose intolerant”, without context. Well fella, that sucks for you. I’ll be over here drinking Woo Loo Moo Loo! (Tee hee)

This one hits you straight away with roasted coffee and chocolate – the hallmarks of a decent stout. But it’s the lingering creaminess that would really make a cow blush. Even the pour and look of it is dark and silky (milky) smooth. The pour is also crowned with a creamy foam fit for a king.

I paired this one nicely with slow cooked chorizo salted chilli pork belly, which if i’m honest may have nuked my palette, so i vowed to drink another 4 over the weekend – and it turns out to be a nice stout.

Overall the taste is creamy but heavy enough for no doubt to be left – this is a Stout. There’s a subtle bitterness but nothing outside the realms of any other from the style. A firm 3 out of 5 glands. Udderly drinkable.

Stu (Sorry)


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