How To Build A Home Bar (Part One)

DISCLAIMER : I have no previous experience working with wood. As with the blog, i am not an expert. Everything i do is through a process of making mistakes and trying to learn from them. If you ever decide to do anything like this PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use common sense and good safety precautions.

Ever wanted to have a bar in your home? It’s a dream i’ve been chasing ever since i knew what a bar was. One of the prerequisites for owning my first home was that it needed to have space to build a bar. Much to the reluctance of my Fiance.

Eventually we found a place with a garage (it was either that or a garden big enough to house a massive shed) and after months of storing our household junk in it (and the beginnings of warmer weather) I was ready to begin work. This is my journey through building a home bar :

First things first. Decide what sort of bar you’re going to build.

The cheapest and most widely available source of building material is Pallet wood. Pallets are available in Northern Ireland at seasonal intervals due to the popularity of using them in bonfires each year, so timing was definitely an issue. Luckily my pallets were donated privately by a friend of the blog who believes in the project! If you don’t have a generous friend go to a local warehouse or yard and see if they would be kind enough to give you some. Failing that, it’s off to Homebase with you.


The most productive thing to do in this aspect is get onto Pinterest and look at the styles. Yes i know there is a reluctance to venture where the blue-haired knitters and wedding-planners dwell, but trust me! Pinterest is a wealth of ideas for this type of project. You can check out our Build-A-Bar board HERE

There are blueprints available online but personally i work better when i’m freestyling. Pinterest was a fantastic resource for ideas and the aesthetic look of the bar, but definitely a good place to start the search.

Having researched, my themeing is going to be rooted in a traditional Irish pub feel – rustic with elements from American culture predominantly in signage.

This themeing also informs the name of the bar itself – another important choice. Given my background in Nerd culture ( i looked at famous bars from film and television. I resisted the urge to call it Mos Eisley Cantina or Cheers and went with something more obvious to my love of Zombie culture :

The Winchester.

(Part 2 coming soon)

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