Pillow Fight. Chocolate Marshmallow Porter (Bad Co Brewing / Flavourly)

It’s a dangerous responsibility being a brewer, I imagine. Morally and ethically you have a responsibility to be of good standing. I’m not calling for bags of hops to have “Brew Responsibly” written on the side of them but it’s definitely food for thought.
A packet of rice once said : “With great power comes great responsibility…..”

Pillow Fight takes that notion and crams it firmly somewhere irresponsible. This collaboration (between the wonderful souls at Bad Co Brewing and Flavourly) is sweet and overpoweringly chocolatey, but with no real hint of marshmallow (despite being made with Marshmallow Fluff). There is a whiff of vanilla but nothing that would amount to sucking on a pod.

Made with organic Peruvian Cacao, with Herkules and Polaris hops it presents as dark and rich – an enjoyable dessert porter. This is the type of brew i imagine could top off a sophisticated dinner party.

4.8% and a good introduction for anyone wishing to discover sweet porters. The “old school tin” is a nice visual aswell, however there was some sediment at the bottom.

A solid 4 fluffy bois out of 5.


You can check this brew out at Flavourly using our exclusive link !



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