Big Bunny (Kinnegar Brewing)

Next up, we checked out the Big Bunny East Coast Style IPA by Kinnegar Farmhouse Brewing, based in Donegal. I’ll be honest, I’ve been looking forward to checking out Kinnegar for ages as a mate of mine said he’d bring me up a few cans but unfortunately never got round to it. Thankfully, I was out a cycle there and happened upon it in a shop down near the docks. Couldn’t believe my luck! I eagerly cracked open the can and straight away, I was hit with that citrusy aroma that a good IPA is sometimes known for. The taste buds were running away from me already so I had a sip and there was an instant taste sensation of mango, papaya, pineapple and all sorts in there. It was such a fantastic drink, I decided to pour the rest into my little tasting glass to fully appreciate it. It poured a hazy orange gold colour and had a brilliant white head on it, like you would get in a Blue Moon pint or something like that. As I kept drinking and savouring it, I realised that I kinda expected it to be more bitter than it was but it was really easy to drink. The art work on the bottle is class too, the wee bunny is really cute.  All in all, it’s a fantastic drink, medium bodied and really tasty. I can’t wait to check out more from Kinnegar in future and hopefully we’ll see some on tap in a bar near us soon! 4 hoppybois out of 5

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  1. […] Big Blue is part of the limited edition Project 7 range which explores exciting and innovative styles and i’d say they have that part nailed with Big Blue. We’re already great fans of both breweries and have tackled a few of their outputs on the blog and podcast before. (You can check out our review of Stewart’s Radical Road here and our review of Kinnegar’s Big Bunny here) […]


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