CATW : The Corporate video

In our infinite wisdom as absolute mad hallions Sean and I decided it would be a laugh to put together a promotional video for the website.

But not just any promo, y’hear? This one had to be a promo so impressive we could trot it around like a pure breed at Crufts.

Being as naturally competitive as our toxic masculinity would allow us, this had to be a challenge between us to see who could produce the best* promo video ever.(*”best” is a loose term, the definition of which is flexible) The prize ? A lovely cold pint of the winners choosing, supplied by the loser.

So below you will find our entries. See what you think and leave a comment below. The fate of all pints depends on it….

Comment below on your favourite!


  1. Damnit, it’s a tie.
    Both have great aspects. Couldn’t you combine the two? Use the video of Sean’s and add the voice over of Stu’s?

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