Breakfast Club (Vocation Brewing & Yeastie Boys Collab)

Today’s lovely can is the collaboration by Vocation brewing & Yeastie Boys called ‘Breakfast Club’ and it’s a stout. At a plentiful 440ml, there’s more than enough to keep you swilling for a good while.

It’s a bit of a hefty one as far as the percentage goes as it sports a 6.9% on the craic-o-meter but upon taking the first sip, I couldn’t really tell that it was a high percentage stout. It’s neither heavy, nor does it taste boozy. It’s such a smooth nectar like drink and I found myself really savouring every sip of the can cos there was such a full flavour to appreciate with it.

I know it sounds silly, or maybe it’s not but the stout itself smells like the picture on the front of the tin. I got the aroma of waffles and biscuits upon cracking the can open and the flavour itself is quite sweet. Although it’s called ‘Breakfast Club’, I could imagine this going down well as a dessert beer as well. Maybe you’ve just had a lovely big dinner and you’re looking for a nice sweet tasting beverage to just sit and chill with? This is the one for you!

I found this stout really enjoyable and it’s not as heavy as the big hitting stout we all know of, rhymes with shmuinness.

We’re already big fans of both Vocation and Yeastie Boys here at Cans Across The World so when those guys got together for a collab brew, it wasn’t gonna be anything short of spectacular. Great work, cheers!

I’d rate Breakfast Club 4.3 out of 5 Molly Ringwalds.

G’luck, Seán

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