Session IPA (Fourpure brewing)

This handy 330ml fella demonstrates a lovely pale golden hue.
It’s clean and crisp taste initially gives way to a bit of dirt. Very easy to drink at 4.2%. An accessible gateway into IPA for anyone who isn’t sure about craft beer in general . This one is enjoyable and not too hoppy.

This one is sweet and could be accurately described as lightly musty.
It’s light body means it would pair well with steak and garlic butter (or conversely pickled onion monster munch!)

According to the can, brothers Dan and Tom Fourpure (Lowe) recommend that you enjoy this beverage “on a raft taking on some Class 4 rapids”. Fair play there, lads. I did not and still managed to steam through a bagful of these – thus allowing it to live up to the moniker of a “session beer”.

Session IPA is exactly that – low in alcohol and consumed in quantity. I had to drink 4 of these before I felt really comfortable enough to do an accurate review!
It goes down smooth and is wet enough to feel that your thirst has been quenched but not so weak that it doesn’t let you know it had visited.

I’m giving this sesh a solid 4 out of 5.


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