Buried At Sea (Galway Bay Brewery) & Caskmates IPA (Jameson)

On St. Patrick’s day, we checked out the Buried at Sea milk stout by Galway Bay Brewery and had a sneaky short of the Jameson Whiskey Caskmates IPA. Both were available in Dirty Onion down in Cathedral Quarter, Belfast.

The Buried at Sea stout was a no brainier on the 17th March as stout is the order of the day. Only, you don’t really want to be waiting behind a nation of a few million stout fanciers just to have a drink. So a welcome alternative came in the form of the bottled milk stout. I found it far more pleasant and not as heavy as that big named black stuff that we won’t mention right now. The milk stout is smooth and you find yourself sipping it, to make it last as long as possible. I’ve had it as a pint up in Galway Bay’s gaff ‘Northern Lights’ on Ormeau road, Belfast but it works just as well in bottled form. Actually just thinking about it makes me look forward to having another, along with a lovely burger and some skin on fries.

The Jameson Whiskey Caskmates IPA paired excellently with the stout as it was brewed in IPA craft beer barrels. I got a bit of a smokey smooth full flavour from the whiskey and it immediately warmed every inch of my wayward soul. I’ll definitely have some of this again and I’m keen to try out the stout version of Jameson as well.

All in all, it was a great day out. The company, the food, the drinks and the craic. Drink responsibly obviously… Don’t drink like it’s St Patrick’s day everyday!

4.4 Shamrocks out of 5




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