Cans Across The World : THE PODCAST! Episode 1 – Lazy Boy (Tiny Rebel) and Rye Pale Ale (Guinness)

It’s almost as if the Gods looked down on this wretched ball of rock and said “Enough is enough, lads… Here’s a tasty wee podcast of the beer blog you know and love”. And lo the blessed did rejoice at the mere mention of Sean and Stu’s brand of distinct tomfoolery and beer-chat.

Yes it’s true. It gives us great pleasure to introduce our very first podcast episode !

The idea (as with the blog in general) is to talk about beer in REAL terms. None of this pretentious swilling and talk of “moccasins in a field of barley with notes of Autumn”. Just 2 Lads talking about beer in an easily-accessible way. And if we have fun whilst we’re doing it? sure why not?

This episode we’ll be talking about Lazy Boy (a Tiny Rebel and Flavourly collaboration) and Guinness Rye Pale Ale.

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LAZY BOY is even included in our Summer Brews Top 5!


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