earl grey pale ale adnams marks and spencer M&s

Earl Grey Pale Ale (By Adnams Brewery, M&S)

Being a man of limited means i don’t shop in such prestigious outlets as Marks and Spencer very often. Even writing for the blog i feel the sting of craft beer pricing. So when i found this bad boy i had to try it with abandon.

Now, disclaimer at this point in that i am a big fan of Earl Grey tea. It’s a flavor of tea that doesn’t f**k around. It’s straight up serious…… erm….. TEA!

Those lads at Marks and Sparks certainly did use their “loaf” when they decided to brew this pale ale using surplus M&S bread.

330ml and weighing in at a comfortable 5% it boasts a dark flavor without tasting heavy. There’s a very faint whiff of citrus in there but nothing to get overly excited about. It pours as a light straw color and could be mistaken for refreshing.

It’s main boast is of course tea, but not in the sense that you’re drinking anything other than an enjoyable pale ale. Slightly floral but again nothing outside of the realms of delicious Iced Tea.

4 out of 5 Captain Jean Luc Picards for this one. Lovely stuff!


earl grey pale ale adnams marks and spencer M&s
earl grey pale ale adnams marks and spencer M&s

You can read more on this brew HERE : https://www.marksandspencer.com/c/style-and-living/the-beer-brewed-with-bread


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