HOWDY HO (by Electric Bear Brewing Co.)

Stu’s thoughts :

The most striking thing about this can is the can itself. It’s beautiful. In the past I’ve had feelings for cans but nothing quite so strong. Nothing quite so ………. WOW! The artwork, colour scheme and textured grip not only make the receptacle aesthetically pleasing but excites me for the journey that lies ahead.

Here we go. The initial opening did not render the pleasant hiss that I’ve grown to love from these 330ml boys. instead it was a nod of acknowledgement – I’m open, commence. The cola-tinted beverage is pleasing upon first contact, almost refreshing. but then something strange happens – it doesn’t go where your taste buds naturally want it to go. This works to keep the gulp interesting. I inspect the ingredients for affirmation but alas, NO – this beverage is NOT made from real leather boot. It just tastes that way. It’s a very hoppy American Brown Ale made in a Bath.

Immediately I feel a tinge of guilt that I’m not “getting” this hipster beer thing but then I remember i liked weird beer before it was cool so that quickly passes.

This is a heavy ale and a hefty one (weighing in at 5.1%). It’s just heavy going. It is an experience of a brew and I’m glad i began my tasting career with it.

The can (the beautiful beautiful can ) however made promises that the brew could not live up to. If this tin produced root beer of Mug quality i’d honestly renounce my blogging ways and go live in the mountains worshipping it till the day i die at 109. Howdy Ho gets a solid number 2 out of 5 Mr Hankeys.


Seans thoughts :

The second and final beer of this mini-tasting is the fantastically named Howdy Ho from Electric Bear brewing Co. It’s an American brown ale and at 5.1%, you’ll be ready to sing a few tunes after a few of these. This one’s in a can and the outside of the can has that lovely grip texture that you’ll find on the smaller brewing company cans, before they get all massive and the can production gets cheaper, to appease corporate no less. Or to maximize profits or something. I’ve no idea, I’m not a cannoisseur of can production. Here goes CRACK – Aww now, that really was a lovely sound. Can you get a sonic-ally perfect sounding can? This might be one of them.

A citrus note hits the air and I realise the milk stout must be kicking in as I just used the term ‘citrus note’ like I know what I’m talking about. The first sip is nice, bad, nice, bad, nice, bad and then you have a citrus after taste when swallowing. I say that because the taste is light and heavy, it feels like it’s trying to work out what the hell it wants to be, in your mouth. It’s on a journey in there and it’s sure as hell going to take you along with it. I feel the boot image on the front of the can as this tipple could have very well been brewed in one. I wonder what depths of utter depravity I would find myself in after a few of these hefty numbers?

That being said, I do like it but if I were to go for this beer again, it would have to be paired with a delicious BBQ bacon & cheese burger which is grand as we’re in the summer months where there’s no shortage of a good cookout.
To sum up, I would definitely grab a few of these rude bois again. As the great prophet Rihanna taught us, one should shine bright like a diamond and that’s what this can is capable of. It’s daring to be different in a world of cheap beers tasting the same. 3.8/5

Howdy Ho is available HERE :


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