Jet Black Heart, Vanilla Milk Stout (Brewdog)

No pretentious swilling, sniffing or spitting. Real language and real terms.

Stu’s thoughts : 

How do you milk a vanilla stout? I’ll be honest – I’m not a fan of boutique beers in general. That’s an opinion based entirely on taste and price, honed over years of being a skint mass-produced-beer sinker. I’m aware of the Brewdog name but more in passing and with a fleeting smirk as I marvel at the names on the bottles. In this case Jet Black Heart is no exception.

JBH smells interesting. Musty but in a good way. I had it chilled but I’m starting to think a room temperature tasting may have also been an option for this one. Taste-wise there’s a weight to it along the lines of Guinness but nowhere near as thick as that black gold. To my surprise it’s quite easy to drink and not so much a “one and done”. I would say it’s more along the lines of a “3 and flee”. And not a brew to be downed either.

Halfway down the bottle I genuinely begin to enjoy this Vanilla Milk Stout. At 4.7% it’s safe to say this one will set you up for an afternoon of catching up with friends or an evening of jigsaws. It’s not a pre-drink drink or a springboard for a night of adventuring, but it will make you feel like a hairy old Viking dispensing knowledge from beside a ceremonial feasting fire.

I enjoyed this one. I’m not sure I’d necessarily buy it again but I no longer fear it. JBH garners 2.5 doggies out of 5 windows. Well played you fur-clad, aged Norse warrior, you.


Seans thoughts :

Our first visitor is one I’m both excited by and frightened of. This is none other than Brewdog’s Jet Black Heart and it calls itself a vanilla milk stout. Sweet Jesus! What? Rewind. Vanilla milk stout. How can you be a milk, a stout and vanilla. There’s nothing vanilla about this state of being and that’s only from reading the label – this concept sounds mental. It reminds me right away of Charlie Kelly’s Milk Steak from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, where the aforementioned dish is to be ‘boiled over hard’ and consumed with a side of jelly beans. But I digress…

This bevvy is a healthy 4.7% and in a bottle so I’d imagine it’s a good Sunday dinner beer. To be enjoyed with a lovely roast dinner of course. My Stormtrooper keyring proudly cracks the bottle cap, I fumble and the cap hits the floor. The cap is met my an eager puppy and the next 5 minutes are spent wrestling the bottle cap off him. I know he’s only trying to help – bless.

But I’m back and smell the vanilla notes wafting out from the bottle. I head in for the first sip and it drinks surprisingly smoothly. It’s not a thick stout as you’d find with Guinness or Murphys, where you’d feel like you’ve just had a massive dinner after 1 pint of either and immediately have the urge to go lay brick. If you… Get my meaning.
There’s definitely a chocolate taste there which is probably the cacao coming through. I just finish the bottle off after many sips, trying to taste everything that’s in there. It’s a nice bottle to be sure but I couldn’t see myself having more than one of these. There’s a sweetness to it that I love but as you get down the bottle, the taste of pure sugar starts to accumulate on your taste buds and I feel that it got a bit over powering. So, I’d say just enjoy the one as it’s tasty but might turn the stomach after the 2nd bottle.

Anyway, to sum up I’d give it a 4.1/5 on the class-o-meter. It’s a wee treat to be fair but this is a one and done beer for me.

You can read more about this one over on the Brewdog Blog :


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